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LENCO Quality Ground Clamp 500

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LENCO Quality Ground Clamp 500
Part Number: FA0021LNC
Availability: In Stock
Feature: EA
LENCO Quality Ground Clamp 500
500 AMP Capacity 1.5" Jaw Opening
Cable Capacity: 3/0 AWG thru 4/0 AWG
Cable Connection Type: Mechanical Oval-Point Screw
LENCO ground clamps have the largest contact area with the work of any clamp on the market. Serrated upper and lower jaws insure maximum bite to the work. A good ground clamp helps to assure proper voltage for the maximum weld results with all rods.
Both the upper and lower jaws are made from a high copper alloy assuring excellent current carrying ability. No steel jaws are used. A good ground connection assures better welds.
A tough, brass hinge pin is durable and allows both jaws to carry current. The enclosed heavy duty spring assures a powerful bite on the work. The insulation on the top and bottom provides extended spring life.
LENCO ground clamps with the oval-point screw cable connection allow easy cable installation. No shim stock or pressure plate is needed.

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