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RADAFLEX® 1/0 AWG Black Welding Cable

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1/0 AWG Black Welding Cable RADAFLEX®
Part Number: F2067380-A
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Radaflex® is a special Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) developed by Synergy Cables® as a sheathing material for flexible cables such as welding cables, flexible cords, conveyor and trailing cables - any application where outstanding toughness and durability are essential.

Cables sheathed with Radaflex® have a number of advantages:
-Ability to withstand a wide range of service temperatures from -30 to +90°C
-High resistance to wear and tear
-Outstanding chemical resistance, oil resistance, and improved weatherability
-High flexibility

Radaflex® offers a competitive alternative to many general purpose and speciality rubbers such as Polychloropene, CSP, EPR, Polyurethane TPU, and others.

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